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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Im dreaming of a White...........Easter??!!

A family Easter weekend promised a traditional picnic in Kew Gardens....... but it snowed! So we had enjoyable time spent indoors. Apparently in England it is statistically more common to have snow at Easter than Christmas!

I offer you a poem by Wendy Cope (whom I had the honour of meeting many years ago)

English Weather

January's grey and slushy,
February's chill and drear,
March is wild and wet and windy,
April seldom brings much cheer.
In May, a day or two of sunshine,
Three or four in June, perhaps.
July is usually filthy,
August skies are open taps.
In September things start dying,
Then comes cold October mist.
November we make plans to spend
The best part of December pissed.

("pissed" is vulgar English slang for very drunk)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wet willow weekend

This is the path through the little wood by the river, which is just across the road from my house. The land is owned by the village, and a couple of times a year there is a working party of volunteers to manage the woodland and tidy up the shrubs etc.

Everyone turns up - whatever the weather - armed with garden tools and enthusiasm. Our work is co-ordinated by someone with good knowledge of local native plants and trees. I was given the task of pruning the willows. Here is one that I am half way through pruning. I am taking off last years growth, so that the new shoots will grow that wonderful golden colour.

Here is a photo of the double row that was planted about eight years ago, and has a "haircut" each spring. The splash of colour can be seen from right over the other side of the valley.

You can see how close the the river the willows are, and a couple of lovely sturdy rustic seats that are so handy for sitting and contemplating the river. In the background is the white fenced bridge that takes the lane over to the southern quieter part of the village, called Southover!

This was my view where I was standing pruning, looking upstream away from the white bridge.

Some of the team having fun with a bonfire of the pruned wood from everyone's efforts. Just what you need on a wet and grey morning. There was a welcome break for coffee and biscuits later too.
Nearly finished!
Looking across the valley. It really was a blissful morning for someone who loves pruning. The gentle sound of the river was a perfect accompaniment. It was so satisfying. Now I shall look with even more pleasure at the striking colour of the willows all through next winter.

A rather stunning blossom tree at the edge of the wood - and I dont know which one. But very natural and graceful and not at all showy.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Love at first sight

I was in Southampton, a large town and Shopping Heaven. I was walking back to the train station after taking my employer to an Employment Tribunal (over not being allowed into the local government pension scheme when I was a part time worker - I failed, but thats another story).

The trouble was that I did not actually want nay even desire any clothes! What a waste. All those shops and no Shopping Need.

However my eyes lead me into a shoe shop and the rest of me followed. I was in love.

Utter perfection!

Iwas way out of the demographic and I must have brought the average age down quite a bit. The customers and the staff were all so young! The shoe that reeled me in was a total delight to my elderly eyes. I tried to keep cool, and asked to try them on, but I knew I was going to buy them just to feast my eyes on even if they didnt fit!

Its said of the brand RocketDog (and I quote the website of the shop where I was gazing in wonderment):-
Los Angeles based Rocket Dog have quite simply been something of a phenomenon in the footwear market. Aimed at the female who has a mind of her own and can be found shunning the polished look of the previous generation. Famed for their wacky, cute, weird, wonderful, exciting, know what? You will just love them, end of story!

Ugh! Nearly puts me off. But at least the company was named after a real dog, owned by one of the founders.

I remember that Tanya and others wrote posts a while back about their favourite shoes, so here is mine. The only other trainers I have owned were old Nikes bought by the Youngest Daughter but too large for her.

How about a back view :-
And a side view:-

Lastly, please enjoy some detail showing the contrast of dark black suede, pink and red blossom print textile, quirky calligraphy and joyous exuberance.

*sigh* it must be love......aahhh