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Monday, February 19, 2007

I AM still here... but busy

I cant believe how long it is since I posted anything here. I manage to snatch the odd moment to read and keep up with my favourite bloggers - but more than that, no chance.

I am writing this, in between cooking an evening meal and going out to pantomime rehearsal. Its time for the village pantomime again, oh yes it is! We only do one every other year, and for this one I only have a small part. The narrator/storyteller who sets the scene at the beginning. Only two pages of dialogue to learn and I can slide off and watch the rest of the show. Ideal. Youngest daughter is principal girl, having grown up doing pantomimes.

If it werent for the rehearsal I would be at t'ai chi - but everything stops for a couple of weeks. I am finding it quite hard to resist the feeling of pressure at having something on every evening. I used to have a free night on Tuesday - but then the Adult Education began running a Japanese language class. It would have been silly not to.

So that leaves Wednesday for meditation group/sangha; Thursday for bellringing; and Friday night for the social group "Drones" in the village. Et voilá - one busy person! Then I fit in all the other things - Chairman of Dorset's Artsreach Chair of Frampton Footlights; editor of the newsletter Here&Now for the UK Buddhist group Community of Interbeing
(forgive the website, we havent got a webmaster right now).

I go to the full time job for a rest I think!

When I was a young Mum, I could do five things at once. And I havent updated my views on that - until now. I am feeling a bit under pressure. Its good that some of my activities are dealing with being in the Here & Now and calm!

Well thats it - I have fifteen minutes to get ready and brush up my words! Bye for now.