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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Housebound again

This time its snow and more particularly, ice. Both the drives to the house have been like skating rinks for the last few days. I havent been out in the car for nearly a week (good job I got some provisions when I did!) I started to walk to some friends on Friday night, but gave up - even with my walking boots and poles. Too slippery.

The snow is very pretty, but we are not used to so much, nor temperatures below freezing for so long. This part of Dorset is very close to the sea, and I had to remember where the sledge had been put for safe keeping, it was so long ago we used it last.

I looked after Wilson, the Springer Spaniel, for a day - and I dont think he had seen snow before.

Many of the plants in the garden will not handle such hard frosts very well. A couple of nights, yes - but a whole week?? I suspect the agapanthus and some of the hebes wont like the prolonged cold. But the variegated holly tree looked wonderful in the morning sun, viewed from the warmth indoors.

Some days have had lovely clear skies, and this sunset was a joy to behold.

Now we have a warmer evening, and I hope to get to the shops tomorrow morning - before the forecast "winter storm" is with us in the south west of England during the afternoon, and the roads are closed again!