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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Im dreaming of a White...........Easter??!!

A family Easter weekend promised a traditional picnic in Kew Gardens....... but it snowed! So we had enjoyable time spent indoors. Apparently in England it is statistically more common to have snow at Easter than Christmas!

I offer you a poem by Wendy Cope (whom I had the honour of meeting many years ago)

English Weather

January's grey and slushy,
February's chill and drear,
March is wild and wet and windy,
April seldom brings much cheer.
In May, a day or two of sunshine,
Three or four in June, perhaps.
July is usually filthy,
August skies are open taps.
In September things start dying,
Then comes cold October mist.
November we make plans to spend
The best part of December pissed.

("pissed" is vulgar English slang for very drunk)


At 4:36 pm, Blogger HORIZON said...

Laughing here- how true is that!
And we choose to live here??
Sunny here for the moment- blue sky today even so l went out and took some pics- so unusual!- lol

At 2:47 am, Blogger Kerri said...

I'm glad you had an enjoyable Easter gathering with your family in spite of the weather, Val.
I read the poem to my husband and we both had a good chuckle :)
Our March was snowy, wild, wet and windy. Our first day of April has been, in turn, wet and windy, sunny and mild, then wet and windy again! Playing the fool with us :)


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