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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Slumbering Dorset hills shift gently in their winter sleep

This snowy scence is my garden a few weeks ago. Since then it has been cold, but sometimes the sun shines and there is change in the air. The birds are singing their spring songs and robins are having boundary skirmishes.

In the woods by the river the snowdrops are now in full flurry, and there is a definite shift towards longer days. Light at the end of the winter tunnel, I can almost feel hopeful that spring will arrive. And then they have forecast more snow tomorrow! I guess the earth will go dormant again for a while.

In felt making class, we were challenged out of our comfort zones and had to produce a large cylindrical shape in wet felt - but using two colours from the opposite sides of the colour wheel + either black or white. I usually like to use toning colours. Oh well, its only an exercise, so I flung myself into it. But I had to use the citrus yellow in the centre even so!

To give it a lighter feeling, I used white as a sort of feather theme and included real feathers for emphasis. I used the sections I took out of the top edge yellow-side up, and put them lower down for weight.

I photographed it next to some yellow and mauve flowers I bought the Man Of The House for his birthday. I actually quite like it now! But its proved to me that I prefer to make things in felt that have a use rather than purely decorative objects. I dont think a felt vase is a good idea. What else could I use it for I wonder?