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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What happened to spring?

This photo was taken with my phone, looking up, as I waited to cross the road outside the library this morning. The recent trip to Wisley has made me very aware of leaf colour and contrast. The morning was glorious, but it was back to blustery rain by lunch time. Will it ever stop?

I just went to pull the curtains (dark is falling) and discovered a family of seven snails! They were on the outside of the window pane. And, largest leading the way, they were slowly heading downwards towards my plants for an evening meal in the rain. Its my suspicion that they had my pot of pristine hostas on their menu. I think they live(d) in the protection of the small overhang above the patio window. I had a pang of guilt for splitting asunder a happy group, but I am sure they will enjoy their new life a few yards away. Or will they be back by dawn, discussing their various aerial experiences?

I am reminded of a good friend who was trying to keep her garden snail free. At dusk, she went out and collected a very large handful, which she threw in a huge arc to the field next door - as far as she could throw. She wears chunky, colourful, bead bracelets and these left her wrist, and travelled some distance in a graceful arc with the snails. The next half hour was spent in the long wet grass in front of her, trying to retrieve the bracelets in the gathering gloom. Instant karma?


At 12:15 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Lovely contrast in that photo Val. The red and green maples are making a magnificent contrast here now. I'm noticing the trees so much more since I started blogging!
I'm smiling about your snails and....coming back, discussing their aerial experiences :) I hope your friend found her bracelets :) I'm not as benevolent towards my slugs and snails!


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