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Saturday, May 13, 2006


A post from Kerri on Colors of the Garden about her tulips, reminded me to take some photos too. I find they dont come up so well the next year, as I grow them in pots. So treat them as annuals, and usually indulge myself in buying a new parrot variety each autumn. I find them so exciting, compared to the ordinary types.The one above is new to me this year, I love the green that appears in it.

I think I've already posted an image of that one, also new this year. The edge of the petals is very spiky - never come across it before. It reminds me of a Venus Flytrap!

This is more purple than the photo above suggests. I really must remember to take them out of their pots after flowering this year, and plant them all in a clump somewhere for a splash of colour next year. I always try to buy early varieties, I am such an impatient gardener really when it comes to bulbs and flowers.

I think another visit to the new garden centre is called for this weekend. I have an old friend from library school visiting who is garden-less right now. She bought her "long loppers" with her on the train. sticking out of her bag. That reminded me of a recent train journey to London, when a lad in day-glo working clothes got on board at a small station, wearing safety trousers and hard hat. He was carrying a huge (and I mean huge and mean) Stihl chain saw, with a swathe of black plastic around the middle of the blade cover - like a birthday present with a bow around it! He sat behind me, and immediately got talking to the people next to him. So I listened.

He was on a chainsaw course safety course, doing the practical bit in the middle of the Dorset countryside. While waiting for his train back home, the station master (yes they had one, I was suprised for two platforms in the middle of a forest!) said that he couldnt travel with it - unless it was wrapped up. The lad was resourceful and found a discarded black plastic dustbin liner. There are no shops or houses near the station you understand. I am not sure how this made things better - everyone on the train knew it was a chainsaw, and if he wanted to run amok he still would. Still, (Stihl????) rules are rules, and everyone was happy.


At 1:51 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

I guess if you don't see it, it is not a danger?

At 12:40 pm, Blogger Val said...

Great story, Val! My favorite bit though was your throw away remark about a station master on duty at a station in the middle of a forest. Being a train (and tram) freak, I was mightily impressed by that. We've lost most of our station masters in suburban Melbourne. They were replaced by ticket machines that don't work. Sorry - had to get that off my chest.

Hope you took advantage of your garden-less friend: hedges trimmed, beds weeded, etc.

At 9:16 am, Blogger Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Val...
Thank you for visiting my blog and the comment you left. Its nice to meet a fellow Brit’ out there in blog land. You too live in a beautiful part of the country and yes, I do agree, we have been well blessed this spring. I’m loving it.

What beautiful tulips you have grown Val, they are gorgeous! I said to Kerri in her posting about tulips that I am so inspired by what I’ve seen, I will certainly introduce more into my garden in the autumn. I've had a poor show this year. Do keep in touch. Marion

At 3:41 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Thanks for the mention Val :) I love your beautiful tulips. I've enjoyed mine so much this year. I still have more photos to publish...there were some lovely colors...and another batch of late pinks coming.
I see we both had a fringed tulip. Mine was new to me this pretty!
What a funny story. I'm so glad he didn't turn out to be a chainsaw murder. And I'm picturing your friend with her very large loppers sticking out of her bag :) Hope you two had a great visit and fun in the garden.


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