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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Last Sunday dawned grey and drizzling. Wonderful! Just the weather for marathon runners. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend had run the Bristol half marathon in the autumn for charity, and got carried away and signed up for the London marathon. Madness in my book, but they trained diligently through the winter.

What's more, she organised a wonderful quiz and celebrity raffle. She used all her networking contacts from working as a creative in a top notch London advertising company, and pulled in many favours to get amazing prizes, and a famous DJ to come and do the business at the event.
They raised more than their target of £3,000.

So, dawn saw us proud parents and our good friend (who was her sort of non-godparent when she was young) in London with thousands of others. The atmosphere was totally amazing. We had pre-arranged points to stand - 15 miles and 20 miles - in case they had need of bananas! It was uplifting to see them sail past (though she said she was having to focus very hard on just running because the pain was setting in) But it didnt look like that, they looked happy and fresh to me!

We clapped and cheered on all the runners we could - especially those running for the same charity, struggling ladies and anyone with their name on near enough to hear us! The crowds lining the roads were good humoured, and it was one huge party with balloons and noise.

CLIC Sargent, their charity, take good care of their runners, and had booked a reception in the very grand RAC Club in Pall Mall. Hot food, showers, massage - all laid on. We agreed to meet there, rather than at the finish, as there are so many people crammed into a small part of London (33,000 runners and probably as many supporters) that the mobile phone network can't cope! The food was amazing, and there is a basement swimming pool. complete with pillars and mosaics, that is bigger than my local pool. Talk about how the other half live.

They finished in five hours! Amazing for a first time. I cant believe they ran for twenty six miles!
And when we saw them, we found out even more lovely news. He had proposed on the finishing line! And with a one carat diamond Tiffany ring! Wow!

What a day to remember.


At 12:47 pm, Blogger Val said...

What a fantastic happy ending, after such an achievement! Well done!

At 4:07 am, Blogger Kerri said...

What a lovely, happy story! I hope your daughter had breath enough left to pant yes! :) Congratulations to the happy couple. With determination like that they should do very well :) 26 miles is mind boggling to me. My daughter is training to run in a heart run at Lake Placid in June. That's where the winter Olympics were a few years ago. Keeps them fit!

At 5:37 pm, Blogger David Barltrop said...

Oooh, wonderful! Congratulations :)

At 11:33 pm, Blogger Sonia said...

Congratulations! Well done!


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