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Monday, September 22, 2008

These precious days : last of the summer

I feel as if I have a lot of catching up to do - so much seems to have happened in the short space of time since I posted last.

However, these are precious days (all days are, of course, but sometimes you just KNOW it!) so I shall write a few themed posts, to share the days - the present ones, plus a few memorable recent ones.

We have had such a wet, cold summer here this year. A farming friend started to try to harvest his wheat at the beginning of August (a four day job, he told his lady) This week, he finally got enough dry sunny days to finish it. And that goes for most farmers around here.

I was looking forward to days spent lounging in the garden, doing the odd bit of weeding, but mostly sitting in the sun. (thats the weeding bucket, sun hat and newspaper crossword waiting for me) Didnt happen till now! So these last few days of warmer weather are precious, because I am aware that the fresh mornings and mists of Autumn are waiting in the wings. There have been some chilly dawns already.

The abutilon megapotamicum, clematis seedheads and the crab apples are still looking lovely.
The leaves are only just beginning to turn on a few horse chestnut trees, I have been on some gorgeous walks around our village, and the garden has still got a few blooms.

However, we have a dry spell for the next few days - and I HAVE spent time sitting watching the birds at the feeders . Apart from the usual varieties of tits (blue, great and coal) we have a star attraction. A nuthatch.

I thought it was a woodpecker at first, but his blue and slate colours with pink underside were totally wrong. And he was hanging upside down! (Treecreepers go UP tree trunks, and nuthatches go DOWN.) He really hammers into the peanuts, and seems totally unafraid of humans. But I can never be bothered to fetch the camera (no zoom lens to speak of) so enjoy his company in the flesh. The robin always keeps me company when I am weeding - easy food for him in the disturbed soil.

Ive loads to write about the other changes in my life, but they will have to wait till another post - but its good to be back!


At 10:58 pm, Blogger Pam said...

Hello Val. I have enjoyed this and previous posts. I love the little robin.In my childhood in Australia we always had Christmas cards with snow scenes and red robins, something we were entirely unfamiliar with. Congratulations on your little grandaughter- delightful!In your reading, if you like the science fiction/fantasy genre with a more teenage base, have you read the Stephanie Meyers books? There were 57 people on my local library waiting list for "Twilight". My husband was a bit disparaging, but, after nabbing it from me is now reading the second big book in the series, and intending to buy the third.Wishing you a happy week ahead.

At 2:11 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

I've had the same wistful feeling about these dwindling days of summer and fall. Some have been beautifully sunny, while others have been cold, wet and Saturday was. I really cherish the days I can get outside and finish the cleanup work. Yesterday we enjoyed beautiful sunshine. Rain again today though, but not the pouring down stuff of Saturday, thank heavens.
I love these scenes of your garden and can picture you enjoying some quiet moments there on the swing :)
Lucky you to have abutilon megapotamicum. I'd love one!
Aren't the nuthatches fascinating the way they do things unside down? Your robins are cuter than ours :) But we do love ours too. I especially love their cheerful song.


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