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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Horizon, who lives in a lovely part of Scotland, kindly nominated me for this award. So I have great pleasure in passing it on to two other bloggers, whose writing I enjoy tremendously.

The Other Val of Val Has Her Say lives in another contintent but we share so many similarities - apart from the obvious one of our name. We are both librarians (though she is now happily retired and is my pathfinder); we are of similar age; we have Husbands Who Cook; and are both fascinated by Japanese gardens and culture; enjoy reading novels about India. And I just wish we lived closer and could enjoy a good chat over a cup of tea!

Vishwa lives in India, and through A Walk in the Drizzle I've watched him become a parent, and learned much from his eloquent writing. Its lovely to share his everyday and spiritual life in a small way.

I am settling again after the upheaval and fun of the wedding. I feel like an old house that has been shaken by a small earthquake, and is shaking off the dust and sending down roots again.
I think I need peace and quiet in my daily life for a while. But I wont get it! Never mind, life is lovely in Dorset - despite the rain today and the crappy job!


At 9:56 pm, Blogger HORIZON said...

That's a beautiful photo of your daughter and her husband Val- she looks wonderful!
Give them my congratulations!
Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog- meant so much. I'm headed to bed now with a good book. Keep well and Bests

At 2:29 am, Blogger Val said...

Thank you for that, Val. I always love to be reminded of the things we share from afar, and I too wish we could meet one day for a long chat and a nice pot of tea.

I see that Blogger has reinstated hyperlinks to the interests listed in our profiles. I believe that is how you found me in the first place. Happy day that was!

At 10:53 am, Anonymous Tanya said...

Congratulations on your blogger award.

And the picture of your daughter (and her new hubby) below is fabulous. She looks stunning and I love that dress!! Congratulations to them both.

At 5:42 am, Blogger vishwa said...

Thanks Val :-) And I like that analogy of an old house shaken by an earthquake!

At 7:28 pm, Blogger kerrdeLune (cate) said...

Well done, Val! This is one of the most thoughtful places I know!

At 11:37 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Well deserved Val. I agree with Cate.....yours is a thoughtful place indeed, and I love reading your reflections. You have a way of bestowing peace through your writing, which I so much appreciate.
The "Other Val" is also a thinker (and doer) and a very dear blog friend whose musings I enjoy greatly. I'll have to visit Vishwa to have "A Walk in the Drizzle".
I hope you find that peace and quiet you're seeking.

At 7:10 am, Blogger Rowan said...

The award is certainly well-deserved, you always have something worthwhile to say. Thank you for your kind words about my book post - I have to say that it's never entered my head to send anything I write to a magazine etc, I wouldn't even know how to begin:)


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