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Monday, May 28, 2007

LLF becomes a DWOP

As regular readers may know, the LLF is my Life Long Friend. We met in Library School (now known as Thames Valley University) back in the sixties - the only two humans in the class! We played Travel Scrabble under the desks, and she can still beat me. Rats!

She and her husband bought our first place near Richmond, Surrey from us when we moved to Dorset. And they very nearly moved to Dorset a few years later. But finances decreed it was not to be. Her husband (also an Aquarian like the MoH) died last year, and after some thought she decided now to become a DWOP (Dorset Woman of Property) and buy a house in Dorchester. But not for her to retire to yet. Oh no, lots of working life left in the old dog..errr...ahem...person. Her parents live at the moment on the Isle of Wight, but they will move into the house, and enjoy the delights of Dorset. Her mother will have a great time, I am sure, and the library is only a walk away - good news for her father.

The house is tucked away, totally unseen from the road, sheltered and with its own enclosed courtyard garden. Most people would be totally unaware of its presence. There is only an anonymous door in a wall between two shops, which reminded me of Diagon Alley as a different world behind the door.

So here are some photos. If I had to live in town without trees and grass, it would do me fine.

The MoH (being a builder) has replaced some of the shingle aka Brighton Beach with pavers to match the original ones. And I have been given a chance to redesign the garden, at an appropriate time.

The downstairs room - huge enough for several grand pianos - which opens out onto the decking you saw in the first photo.

LLF watering the garden during a dry spell. There is no soil to speak of that will hold any water but the planting and rocks are easy on the eye and easy to maintain.

A view from the upstairs overlooking the garden, showing the new pavers. And behind the blue door is a passage to the outer door out into the wide world. Hence Diagon Alley (Harry Potter reference for the uninitiated)

The LLF has purchased a bicycle to get around town. This is her first ride down South Walks (where the Roman walls once stood) It will be very useful when she comes to visit her parents. They will move in when the redecorating is finished, and the MoH has installed a wet room (aka posh shower with no doors) for them. It should look wonderful and be great to use. She is going to attempt this weekend, for her first long ride, to get to our village along a reasonable cycle path, but its six miles!!!

And it is such fun being able to share the delights of furnishing a house and hunting for just the right pine beds etc. And of course, I get to see more of her (even without the chocolate cake she sometimes brings - Maison Blanc no less) Thats not a hint! (I know she reads this!)


At 10:33 am, Blogger Val said...

I feel like I know the LLF myself. How wonderful that she now has a foothold in Dorset. I am a bit envious!

I thought that cake looked like a sacher torte, it looks yummy!

At 3:49 am, Blogger Kerri said...

How lovely that your friend will eventually be living there in Dorset...and meanwhile you'll see her more often when she visits her parents. I hope she brings the delicious looking chocolate cake :)

At 10:12 am, Anonymous Kate Burnham said...

Dearest ones after many years of hearing about you your LLF has let me in on your secret - best wishes for the wedding this weekend- we are ourselves hoping to visit you all in about Oct 2008 & I have just realised the English Composer festival we are looking at is in your neck of the woods- serendipitous I'd say- I am nostalgic for 1978 all over again - your long lost acquaintance form the Antipodes!


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