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Monday, April 09, 2007

Tranquil day and busy day

On Saturday, Youngest Daughter and I headed north for a bit of retail therapy in Clark's Shopping Village, heaving with holiday makers after a bargain. But we used our local knowledge and were there long before the carparks filled up. I bought some new shoes. And then we drove the five minutes to Glastonbury.

Before spritual refreshment, bodily refreshment. Glastonbury is full of amazing wholefood restaurants, often with courtyards where you can soak up the sun while lunching. We shared a vegan lunch (we aren't) of falafel, humous, olives, garlic dip and pitta bread, and Fair Trade coffee. Just right!

The Chalice Well Gardens (lovely website) surround the place where the ancient Red Spring bubbles out of the hillside. Such beautifully tended gardens, and such a tranquil atmosphere. The well head cover has the shape of the vesica piscis in it (which is explained on the website)

The Tor can bee seen through a gnarled oak branch with mistletoe growing on it. Its a long climb to the top, and is always, always windy up there. Great views over the Vale of Avalon though.

Youngest Daughter fills our bottle, to take home. So cool and fresh. You can see the red colour of the minerals that are left with constant splashing.

There is a small but interestingly packed bookshop there, online too usually, and Youngest Daughter bought a rose quartz heart pendant, and I chose my favourite, fluourite.

More refreshment - tea and cake at the nearby Museum of Somerset Rural Life. A lovely day.

On Sunday we went out to Lyme Regis, a Georgian seaside town, a forty minute drive along the coast - almost in Devon. It is the favourite location of the Man Of the House, who loves to visit it on every opportunity. We have been there on a freezing day in winter, when he needed his obligatory Cornish Pasty to warm his hands (eaten while walking along the promenade along the sea coast). But today the sun was hot, and on this Easter Sunday the place was packed with visitors. This is the view outside the pasty shop.

The Town Crier was in full garb, and the MoH engaged him in conversation. (thats him in the white hat and the Town Crier in all his The lamp standards are the shape of ammonites, as the town is famous for its fossils - along the cliffs either side of the town. Its on the famous Jurassic coast after all.

Lyme Regis has a problem with landslip, and there has been a multi-million pound effort to try and stabilise the gardens (which were re-opened by Princess Ann last month). It was a world away from the bustle of the beach up there. Quite and calm with wonderful views along the coast.

Another lovely day. We left the seagull in peace.


At 8:31 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

Actual beach folks out, it must have been warm I love this way of traveling to England!

At 11:46 pm, Blogger starnitesky said...

I'm glad you and youngest daughter enjoyed your visit to Glastonbury - I work in Glastonbury so go there most days, life is very varied there, plenty of places to have lunch!

At 9:38 am, Blogger Val said...

What a rich post, Val! There is too much to comment on, so I'll just read it, and tell you that I enjoyed it very much.

At 1:05 pm, Anonymous tash said...

Gosh! Not only do you live in my favourite place in the world, you also go to all of my favourite places too. We (my husband and I) have both had a long love-afair with all things Dorset/Somerset (it's mentioned one too many times on my blog) and we honeymooned near Bridport last year. We were companions at the chalice well for ages and went to the heavenly little wool shop in Lyme Regis - and the schnizel bugers in the Blue Note Café are just divine!

Many thanks for sharing such lovely pictures! I'm Tash, by the way, and I found you via Rowan's blog!

At 10:32 pm, Blogger Rowan said...

It sounds as though you had a really nice Easter,I've only been to Glastonbury once many years ago and didn't have chance to explore it properly as I was with other people on a just passing through kind of visit and just following where they led which unfortunately wasn't into the Chalice Gardens or up Glastonbury Tor! I must go back someday and see it properly. Lyme Regis looks a lovely place, another one to be added to my long list of places I want to see. You are so lucky to live in Dorset with all these wonderful places in striking distance.

At 11:39 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Two wonderful trips! Thank you for sharing these wonderful places. I took the virtual tour of Chalice Well Gardens and found it a fascinating place. Thanks for the link. It's so refreshing to see all the flowers blooming. How nice to spend the day with your daughter!
Beautiful colors in your heart pendant.
And what a quaint seaside village. How I love to see the sea :)
Love all your pictures Val.
Glad you had 2 lovely days.


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