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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happenings in the garden

All sorts of flowers and bushes are blooming and blossoming. There are more aquilegia flowering than usual, and lots of different colours as they dont seed true colours apparently. Also known as columbine or granny's bonnets, they grow like weeds. Ive taken a few photos of the different colours.

The weigela is flowering well too, such a nice variety with its light pink flowers and variegated leaves. Its about fifteen years old and I hack it back each year. Its covered in bloom now, but this was a photo of an early flower.

The lilac is flowering nicely, though I think I will take out the small tree, its so straggly. You cant really prune it back to life, just start again with another younger tree I think.

You can see the white wisteria hanging down so beautifully. I really want a wooden arbour for it to trail across so that the blooms hang down between as you sit beneath. I saw one on a bridge over a lake in one of the Imperial gardens in Kyoto - it must be divine to walk beneath it in flower. I would be happy just to sit. We thought it was a mauve wisteria while we were waiting the seven years for it to flower! Now I think the white variety looks elegant against the flint stonework.

My young peony plant has got its first bud - after about five years of waiting! The person who gave it to me says it grows like a weed in her garden, I must be doing something wrong. I will take another photo when/if it flowers. That reminds me, I must pop out and stake it - its very windy right now, and the stem seems so fragile.

I walked outside to admire the bubbling stone, and realised that it was not bubbling very well at all. Only a trickle, it should be like the first photo. Then I looked more carefully and saw two eyes! Someone was having a rest, wedged between fountain head and stone!!


At 11:36 am, Blogger Val said...

I adore granny's bonnets, love the color combo in that second photo. The white wisteria is elegant looking - VERY long flowers (there's another word for the whole wisteria flower but I've forgotten).

At 4:07 am, Blogger Kerri said...

Your garden is looking so beautifully serene and pretty Val. Love the columbine colors and shapes, and oh, to have wisteria blooming above my head. How wonderful that would be. The white, very long flower "thingys" (what is that word??) are so Val says.
What a cute little froggy :)


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