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Saturday, July 01, 2006

How much do you love your plants?

If you moved, would you dig up ALL your plants? This woman did! Sorry you cant see the colour photos in the online version - it does look lovely.

Update : The Other Val emailed me to say she had found a photo here.
It takes a librarian to have the information skills and tenacity to seek out where others fail! Even in retirement! Bow to your knees and worship a librarian! Thanks Val.


At 12:44 pm, Blogger Val said...

Maybe not ALL the plants, but we've always taken our ginger plants with us, and wisteria too, until the Man Who Cooks accidentally put the cuttings in upside down. And in my iris-mad days I put all the different named irises each in their own tubs and stored them in the garden of friends until our new house was finished being built and the garden ready to accept plantings. If you've never moved into a brand new house you don't realise how much building material gets hidden in the soil.

At 1:05 am, Blogger Tabor said...

Please. This is NOT the picture to link to when someone is moving into a new house and dying to begin the landscape gardening process. Such a high bar to reach!

At 2:13 am, Blogger Val said...

I love the Librarian Avengers site, I had a photocopy of that cartoon up in my work cubicle. Speaking of which, my son, who works at the library as a shelving attendant, reported yesterday that my former work area was looking sad and lonely. So I should care?


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