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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring's arrival needs royal retail therapy

Tulips and crocus chrysanthus "Prinz Claus" - planted last year

Some lovely photos on Kerri's blog and the other Val's blog - both journalling (is that a word?) errr... noting the heralds of a new season even though continents apart - spurred me into action in the garden. Ive had a rewarding couple of days. Ive hacked and pruned away at some overgrown rosa rugosa; trimmed back some vines and climbers that climbed over the fence and all the way through my trees; and generally had a fun time.

Of course then I needed to go to the new garden centre on Prince Charles' new "township" called Poundbury, on the edge of Dorchester (now that should have a post all to itself one day) and buy :- a cheap set of 3 patio pots in the style I collect; small pots of chives, coriander, Spencer sweet peas; pot of purple wallflowers (didnt plant any in the autumn); some corms of autumn flowering cyclamen (mine disappeared) and some lovely fritillaries - the snakeshead ones (mine disappeared under the decking). Also a plastic bucket thing with handles (which would have been brilliant for skepping out pony poo from the shavings rather than a laundry basket, when I had horses that is) and a small cherry tree (just about to flower, this will assuage my longing for Japanese cherry blossom) its called prunus incisa kojo-no-mai apparently.

The wallflowers

Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai

The snakeshead fritillaries still in their pots

I've use the plastic bucket thing already. Its proving very useful for weeding and carrying compost about - shame I haven't got a pony now though.....


At 1:36 am, Blogger Val said...

Love those snakeshead fritillaries : so different! The foliage reminds me somewhat of Granny's Bonnets (Aquiglia).

At 1:08 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Good for you getting some spring work done. A trip to the nursery is lovely fun!!! Nice to see your pictures :)
I've just read about those plastic bucket thingies in my Garden Gate magazine. At least it sounds like the same thing. They look very handy. I may have to get one. Glad you're enjoying spring. What did you find out about Chickadees? My email is kerrispoon@ if you want to reply that way.

At 10:30 pm, Blogger Val said...

Hallo Kerri
Thanks for all your lovely comments!

The bucket is properly called a Tub Trug. I just loved the colours too. And suprisingly chose green. I would choose purple normally! Very versatile indeed.

We dont have chickadees in the UK so I was intrigued. There are some interesting websites but I couldnt get any of the sound files to play. The birds certainly seem to have the cheerfulness of our robin, but also resemble the tit family. Well their other name is black capped titmouse so they may be related. Enchanting!

The last few days have had clear blue skies (unusual for us) but their have been frosts at night - just when gardeners are normally planting out tender plants. Really we are not safe from frost till May, but many folk take a gamble!


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