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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Garden tagged, again

I’ve been tagged by the other Val. It’s a pleasure, as it’s the sort of thing that I wouldn’t normally think about. But fun to contemplate the answers.

If I was only allowed to keep one plant in my garden which would it be?
An acer (Japanese maple) - perhaps my senkaki or maybe my shindeshijo. They are beautiful in
all seasons – small star shaped leaves that turn a wonderful flaming colour in autumn, and the senkaki has amazing red bark that shines all winter.

If there was only one thing invented in the past 100 years that I was permitted to keep, what would it be? Definitely the computer. I can communicate, converse, investigate, play games, mess about with images, build libraries in cyberspace, study, and make new friends!

Name 3 animals you saw yesterday (excluding cats and dogs).
Well the only two animals I could only name with certainty are my sheep – named Timothy and Two! (Two is called that because he had 2 painted on him, he was the second of triplets!) This is a picture of Timothy. They are Suffolk cross Clun. Being slightly more sensible :- 1. sheep 2. horse 3. cow

Which season do you like the most? I think I enjoy summer the best. I like spring because it means that summer is on the way. But early summer, when the weather is pleasantly warm, the leaves are fresh (not the tired faded greens of late summer) and the meadows and lanes are full of flowers.

Name the person who inputed the most wisdom into your life? My Buddhist teacher of some thirty years ago, Kapilavaddho Bhikkhu ( who became Richard Randall when he went back into lay life). I first heard about him in my local paper in London, which proclaimed " Barman becomes Buddhist monk". Not totally true, but it caught my attention and I found him on the other side of London. What a man! Such integrity, guts, wisdom and gentleness. He made the driest of Pali texts spring to life and showed their relevance still for people today. A bow of thanks.


At 7:21 am, Blogger Val said...

so interesting, all of your answers. I am especially intrigued by the red barked Japanese maple. Mmmm...


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