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Saturday, February 11, 2006

My blog spot

In response to a request from blogging friends from Down Under, here is a photo of my “blog corner” – where I post from.

The PC is conveniently located in a recess left by closing off a doorway when converting the old village school to a home (some thirty years ago).

My builder husband built in a higher fixed shelf, and also a neat sliding shelf for the keyboard, which pulls out so that I can sit/kneel with comfort. You notice I have one of those kneeling chairs that are good for posture, and stop you slouching at the keyboard!

That’s an awful spaghetti of wires behind – I had very neat cable management at one time, whatever happened?! The smaller box on the scanner is a recent purchase, and it converts old 35mm slides to digital images. Most new scanners include that as standard I think, but mine didn’t. We’ve a lot of slides from our year on the “hippy trail” to India in the seventies that I didn’t want to see lost to mould and decay, but I haven’t got around to converting many yet.

My bokken, wooden training sword, was brought back from Kyoto for t’ai chi training. It came home ignominiously with all the awkward shaped luggage (push chairs, skis, etc) but at least the Japanese airline staff recognized what it was.

The poster above the lilac teddy bear on the dresser is also from a recent trip to Japan (oh, I am not given to fluffy cuddly toys but this was lavender scented and a present) It’s a quotation by the head monk of the Zen temple with that famous rocks and sand garden. He calls it Words for Each Day :–

Each day in life is training
Training for myself
Though failure is possible
Living each moment
Equal to anything
Ready for everything

I am alive – I am this moment

My future is Here and Now

If I cannot endure today
When and where will I?


At 7:58 pm, Blogger David Barltrop said...

I pity your lack of slouching. Sort yourself out, all this rigid upright posturing can be bad for you!

Everything in moderation my dear!

Convert all those slides immediately, one never knows when civilisation will crumble!


At 7:06 am, Blogger Val said...

I too love the quotation. And you've told us so much about your interesting and unique corner - not everyone can say they have a bokken!

Re your scanner for scanning slides, we have one of those too, but the thought of going through the old slides and negatives, selecting them and then scanning them makes me tired before even starting...

At 1:30 pm, Blogger Val said...

Hey, girl, you been tagged! hee hee!
see my post!

At 10:48 pm, Blogger Sharon said...

I really like the 'Words for Each Day' that is something which I would like to aspire to... I found your blog via Aussie Val's...


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