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Saturday, January 21, 2006

More postcards from Sinai

St Catherine's Monastery, founded in the 6th century AD on the site of the burning bush (yes there is still an evergreen bush there!)

High up in the mountains in the middle of a desert (takes an hour to drive from the coast) it was quite chilly. It has an amzing collection of icons, some dating back to the 6th century - it was so remote that the iconoclasm missed it!

However, the remoteness of the monastery is no barrier to communication. By prayer to the Almighty? No!

You may think the venerable monk is holding a rosary in his hand. Wrong! Its a mobile phone!

Back at the coast. Yes, the very bit of the Red Sea that parted for Moses - there is an ancient Roman column on both sides to mark the spot, one in Sinai and one on the other side in Saudi Arabia, but I've only seen the Egyptian one!

My favourite mountains, with the sunset reflected in the sea. *blissful sigh*


At 11:02 pm, Blogger David Barltrop said...

Oooo, scrumptious.

At 4:08 am, Blogger Val said...

Great photos, Val, and well chosen. You covered a surprising amount of subject matter with just those three.

At 8:56 am, Anonymous Ruth said...

I visited St Catherine’s Monastery in a quiet time. I wandered much of the paths alone, taking in the ancientness of this holy place. From dark room to dark room I wandered, gazing upon icon after icon. I joined the congregation at the altar, the new-age meditators and the camera-clickers, the devout and the monks-cum-tour-guides.

I came upon the Burning Bush, only it wasn’t burning. It was growing up above the path, its roots at head level, on a pedestal of old stone and rock. Its branches flowed down, like a massive house plant in a hanging basket. All around the stems lay old dry material – fallen leaves, etc. I stood there alone for some time gazing, imaging the scene … a bush growing in the desert rocks, alive with flame …

I was sorely tempted.

I mean, it wasn’t authentic, was it, unless it was actually burning?

Just one little flick of the lighter would do it…

Get thee behind me. I don’t think I’ll go there again. But if you do hear about a new miracle in St. Catherine’s when a group of tourists find the bush aflame… well, don’t ask me about it. (Blame Val).


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