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Friday, February 24, 2006

A matter of definitions

If I say “wallpaper” most of you will think of nice images to put on your computer. If I say “stripper” some heart rates will increase. Include “steamy” and this post wont get past NetNanny, or indeed many corporate filters! But put them together and you have my latest discovery (I nearly said “toy” but thought better of it!)

After thirty years of looking at the same bedroom wallpaper, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I know there is a saying “ the cobbler’s children are always unshod” but sometimes I feel it ought to be “the builder’s house is always undecorated”. That’s not particularly fair to the builder in question as he works very hard. But any work on the house is unpaid, so decorating comes low on the scale. There are new double glazed windows in the bedroom, and a good friend passed on a lovely carpet AND made me new curtains of Liberty print. But before the carpet can go down, I really wanted to take out the busy, brown, seventies wallpaper and replace it with tranquil painted walls.

Hence the steam wallpaper stripper. And no, the hire company did NOT supply the manpower to go with it! Although trade rates did apply – there are some other perks to having a husband who is a builder.

I don’t think I will go ahead and paint the walls, but I am doing my bit to help towards the end product.


At 4:47 am, Blogger Val said...

can't wait to see the 'after' photos. Yep, after 30 years I think you deserve a change of scenery.

At 7:58 am, Blogger Val said...

Ah. I suppose I had better go and take a 'before/in progress' one so you can appreciate the difference. I hadn't thought of that, thanks!


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