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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


What an exciting evening! My friend Ginny has won the prestigious Bridport Open Art Competition!
We ladies met for our usual Thursday get-together in the village pub in Piddletrenthide where the majority live. Yes, its a genuine Dorset village, I kid you not. Ginny is an artist (Virginia Tuszynska Evans is her professional name) and was handing out flyers for the prize giving evening at Bridport Art Centre. "There's no free wine this time" she apologised "just a pay bar".

We have enjoyed a few launch evenings at her exhibitions before, and this would be interesting. "The Bridport Open art exhibition is a great chance to see work by both professional and amateur artists from throughout the South West" said the blurb. And the Winners Prize is the Sir Robert Marshall Prize of £1,000.

The over two hundred exhibits were varied - in all media, but mostly paintings. We amused ourselves by deciding which we would take home, if money was no object. I already have bought one of Ginny's paintings, and couldn't really see anything else that wanted to live with - apart from, perhaps, a striking naturalistic oil of some lilies (much more yellow and vibrant than my phone pic shows - I didnt think to take my camera)

Whereas Youngest Daughter fell for a huge stainless steel bird - only £60,000! It was certainly very striking. I kept thinking that if it was upside down, the feet looked like puffin's feet landing. P.S. In the cold light of day it must surely have been £6,000? P.P.S It WAS £60,000!

The judge was Brian Rice (recently on BBC TV) and gave a very interesing but short resumé of how the judging was done, and some he wanted to commend but had no prize to give. I must say that when he came to announce the winner, it was lovely to see Ginny smile. We were so proud to see her holding the cheque and posing in front of the winning entry.

She seemed very calm - whereas only a year ago I have seen her go to pieces over some small thing. She said later, when I commented how serene she seemed, "I shall probably go home and jibber" I replied that I thought her jibbering days were over. "Thats probably the meditation" she answered.

The most amazing part of the evening was when we realised that the prize was £1,000. A few weeks ago, during an exhibition as part of Dorset Art Weeks, she lost exactly £1,000 when a thief stole her credit card. And artists today are still poor in England so it means a lot to her.

Well done Ginny - and it also adds value to my painting to0. Bonus!


At 12:21 pm, Anonymous Blandford Gill said...

Well we protested furiously! Our ladies meet in Piddlehinton, not Piddletrenthide. Now these two villages may not be a hundred miles apart but one still needs a passport or at least a letter of introduction when crossing the boundary.
We may share a river, a vicar (or in our case a Rector) and a school, but believe me the age old rivalry still exists: as any Piddlehintian will tell you, Piddlehinton has nicer people, prettier cottages and a better fete.
The two have been separated through history in many ways: by ownership (Them Winchester, us Eton), religion (Winchester had a more tolerant attitude to non-conformism), Unions (their paupers went to Cerne Abbas and ours to Dorchester).
One elder member of Piddlehinton told me he would get beaten up if he strayed into Piddletrenthide.
Times change though, and although we stick to the tradition opening times and features of The Thimble who concentrate on food and alchohol, my sons enjoy the 24 hour, football watching, pool playing, party going Piddle Inn in Piddletrenthide.
Whichever, we are both pretty and friendly villages.

At 7:11 pm, Blogger Val said...

Oh gosh, yes they did protest! And I had to grovel my apologies to all those concerned! In fact I shall have to buy a round of drinks in the Thimble tonight to apologise to all the ladies of the Piddle Valley!

At 1:14 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

Congratulations to your artist friend. such a nice reward--not just the money but the recognition. Forgive my artistic ignorance, but what is her style called? She reminds me a little of a Rothko I saw many years ago in Texas.

At 4:13 am, Blogger Kerri said...

I wouldn't mind being included in a round of drinks at The Thimble, or the Piddle Inn, whether it be in Piddletrenthide or Piddlehinton. Sounds like fun, no matter where it be in Piddle Valley:) Imbibing a wee bit will make you do that :)
How wonderful for your friend Ginny to win the art prize! That's quite an accomplishment...and lovely to have the unexpected money dropped in her lap after such a nasty experience with the credit card. Congrats to her!


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