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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fun in the sun

It was a Grand Day Out!
Youngest daughter and I met our old friend David, and his two children at Bowood House.

All the main ingredients were there :- hot sun; awesome adventure playground (it took all my courage to follow the four year old down a HUGE slide - I remembered I am going to do a 70ft abseil shortly, so couldn't chicken out!); a cool lake to walk around; manicured lawns for a picnic, playing and slopes for rolling down (the kids, not me - though I am built for it!) a scary pitch black grotto to walk through; a cool waterfall to splash under.

An excellent day. One to remember.


At 5:37 am, Blogger Val said...

Good luck on your abseiling, you crazy woman!

For me, the scary bit would have been the pitch black grotto.

At 11:03 am, Blogger Tanya said...

Looks like you all had a great day.

Thanks for commenting at my site. What I love about where I live is that it's right on the Great Barrier Reef, so excellent scuba diving (I was once a scuba diving instructor) - and an hour away you're in the outback - or the rainforest. But... I lived in England for a couple of years and adored life there as well :)

At 12:55 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

That place looks like such fun. Great photos! Those are cute kids :)
I don't think I'd like the pitch black grotto much either. I'm always uneasy at the thought of being in the same place as bats...even though I know they're good little harmless creatures that eat lots of insects! We have them flying around outside at night. When they flew around the barn while we were milking THAT made me nervous! They used to come awfully close to our heads!

At 3:17 pm, Blogger David said...

It took ages to wash the slime out of their hair. Worth it, though!

At 2:38 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

You have such a lovely family. They must bring you lots of joy...and adventure.


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