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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fifth Annual Crocus Walk

Yes its the time of year that The Ladies hunt around Dorset for a fine tea room, and then plan a walk in the countryside around it. All in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Previous year's walk are chronicled in 2008 Gifts from the gods or passing planes ; 2007 Wonderful walks and before that, 2006 Time for tea.

This year we decided on a coastal walk, but of course first we had decided on the Egg Cup Tea Rooms. There is a poem and review on this website for Dorset Tearooms! One of my good walking friends from the village and I went on a recce to see if the walk was suitable, and my friend Gill and I went on a separate excursion to check out the quality of the tea room!

Here we are, gathered for the start (you can see an old fashioned telephone box behind us) complete with Breakthrough balloons and Rebecca's dog Finty. The weather was so bad in the morning that I had people phoning up to see if it was cancelled. Never!!!

The rain stopped, and we were on our way, but it was still quite windy. Gill is pulling a face and pretending the hill is steep (it wasnt really, but there was a steep hill ahead to climb at the half way point though!)

Jean was the proud wearer of this year's Breakthrough Tshirt, which she shows nicely as we neogiate a stile. We already quite high, and the views were good with the rain in the morning clearing the air.

We took a halfway rest at The Lookout on The Knoll which is a hill just south of of Puncknowle (pronounced 'punnel'). On top of the hill is an ancient round barrow, and on top of the barrow is this late-18th Century building. It is listed, and was originally used as a coastguard lookout. (I always thought it was a lime kiln however) It is in good condition but is just an empty shell with an uneven earth and stone floor. What amazing views it has though.

This is the view to the west, along Chesil Beach towards Bridport and eventually to Devon. If you look carefully in the foreground, you can see an errant Breakthrough balloon that decided it wanted its freedom!
PS Sorry you cant click to biggen these photos, Ive linked to my Flickr photos, which was quick to do, but means you cant see the detail. Sorry.
PPS I uploaded the originals, so you CAN see more detail.

The clouds look threatening, but we made it back to the cars without mishap or rain. And in good time too.

Front left is the LLF (my Life Long Friend) who was down from London, visiting her parents who live in Dorchester. Her mother is in hospital right now, recovering from two major operations. So Get Well Soon Kate!

And here is the well beloved Boot Shot - of which there have not been many recently. The cream tea was up to standard and I promise that I kept my boots on the floor for the rest of the time.
We raised £90 and had a great afternoon.


At 8:25 am, Blogger Tabor said...

Thanks for allowing me to tag along via Blogger. You have such a lovely tradition, perhaps I could find something similar here. I am sorry that we could not enlarge the photos as many of them were intriguing.

At 9:04 pm, Blogger Val said...

I heard your plea for more detail, Tabor, and Ive uploaded the originals.

At 12:34 pm, Blogger One Woman's Journey said...

Thank you for visiting my journal.
I am reading some of your entries.
We have a lot of similar interest.
A dream has always been to visit your area. My oldest granddaughter just graduated from the university and will be working in London in a few months.

At 10:24 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

Thanks Val for loading the larger photos. I absolutely love the photo of the Lookout on the Knoll. It looks like something out of a wonderful English novel! I also had to smile at how many of your lady friends lead with their chins in the second to the last photo...what a stalwart group you are.

At 10:33 pm, Blogger Val said...

Ah Tabor, I seem to remember I said "chins up Ladies" - I know that I need the reminder, otherwise somehow I seem to have a double chin in photos... cant think how *grin*

At 7:11 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

I noticed the chins too :)
I'm glad to know you're getting out and about so much now after your foot injury. You're certainly enjoying retirement. Wonderful!
I enlarged all the pics and enjoyed them immensely. Beautiful countryside there.
And oh my, those scones look delicious!
Love those faithful boots :)
It's been good to catch up. I always enjoy following your interesting activities and seeing your lovely garden. The old school house has such character.


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