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Friday, May 29, 2009

Dancing jewels

Ive taken the title from this wonderful piece from Cate aka Kerrdelune. It contains so much wonderful information and poetic insight, that I wont even bother to quote, but ask you to visit and enjoy! But eagles' talons isnt the first image that springs to mind for me!

But it got me thinking about the more humble aquilegia/columbine/granny's bonnets that I have in my garden. A few years ago, I saw a wonderful colour variety and gaily scattered the seed around for the future. Only to find out (as you probably all know) that the colour does not "come true". Totally random it seems.

However, I was inspired to go and take photos of all the different colours.

I also took a few more images to share with you the delights of a summer's day in my garden..but so many it had better be in a separate post. Also it bliss, enjoying that first cup of tea, strolling on the stepping stones and the grass, knowing that I dont have to tear myself away and spend the day in a hot office. Hurrah for retirement!!!

Today while sipping my first cup of Earl Grey, I realised that the flowers of what I call cornflower (really centaurea montana) were not just amazingly coloured, but were perfect helipads for the troops of bumble bees out on morning patrol. How could the bees refuse the invitation?

Right, thats long enough indoors, back to the book and my comfy rug under the white wisteria. Mmmmmm.....


At 6:17 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

OK---next year it is going to be cornflowers in my beds! Such lovely variety from the seeds that you 'scattered.' I just wish mine would come up...I don't need them to be 'true." ;-)

At 7:02 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

I love columbines. I ended up with a pink and white one this year. So delicately lovely.
The name 'Granny's bonnets' suits them :)
I too call the centaureas cornflowers.
I'm picturing you sitting and sipping tea under that glorious wisteria. How wonderful! :)


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