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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still heading toward spring

The week began with a couple of days off, visiting some dear friends who live in a house with amazing views over the Bristol Channel to Wales. There was snow on the top of Welsh hills, but luckily - although there was a wickedly cold wind - we only saw two flakes of snow.

She has the most wonderful garden that always has something exotic blooming, no matter what the season. This time it was a magnolia stellata and some camellias in huge pots, almost too heavy to move any move, that caught my eye.

Back home in my garden signs of spring are more humble - the shy forget-me-not and the first flush of spirea leaves lift the spirits on a dreary morning.

The fritillaries have opened in the comparative warmth and lack of biting north westerly wind.

A quick walk in the woods looking for bean sticks reminded me of how, thirty years ago, I sat under this tree on a cushion of moss - so blissfully happy to have moved to the Dorset countryside from London. The holly trees always grow in a circle around the bottom of the beech trees, where the birds have dropped them (not from their beaks!)

And incipient bluebells flourish among the beechmast - a more attractive mulch than garden centre bark chippings.


At 7:17 am, Blogger Rowan said...

Nice to see your comment on my blog - thank you. After those lovely early March days the weather has been pretty grim hasn't it? We've woken to yet another grey, miserable day here. My poor magnolia has been caught by the frost though only here and there fortunately, you are well ahead of us, my fritillaries only have the tiniest of tightly furled buds on so far. There's promise of some sun later this week though, I'd give quite a lot for a lovely warm sunny day.

At 4:04 am, Blogger Kerri said...

Fabulous pictures Val. I'm especially impressed with the close-up of the forget-me-not. It's so clear. Being tiny, it's hard to get a good, clear close shot of them.
It's so good to see flowers blooming, even if they're not mine.
I just love the fritillaries. I'm probably repeating myself here :)
glad you had a couple of days off and a nice visit. What a view!

At 4:28 pm, Blogger Tabor said...

Heart palpitations as spring springs forth. Lovely photos and they do have a great view of the Channel.


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