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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beginning anew

Ringing in a new era

Ringing this bell in Shoren-in temple in Kyoto in November felt like a new start somehow. One had to hold the rope attached to a huge log, and fling it toward the bell. I had rung it eighteen months before, on my last trip and it felt wonderful.

But this time it had a profound effect on me. I could hardly walk. I think my whole body and being reverberated too, (just like a bell, with hindsight) I found I was breathing in staccato breaths. Hyperventilating? No. Was my pulse fast too? No, I checked it to make sure. But I was shaking all over. Eventually I stopped "ringing" in sympathy, but it took ten minutes or so. Luckily, one of our party had lost her way inside the temple and couldnt find the exit, so I had time to recover. Which was as well, as I found it difficult to do anything but stand still, and stare at the reflection of clouds passing, in a nearby puddle. Not very spiritual!

Ringing in the New Year

Tonight at midnight I will be ringing English bells the more traditional British way. They will sound out their own kind of healing and hope. But will bring nothing like the phenomenal effects of their cousin in Japan.

Happy New Year and I hope the ahead brings all good things for you.


At 10:29 am, Blogger Val said...

Oh, Val, what an experience that must have been for you in Kyoto, and then to have another bell ringing at home in your village. May it ring in a wonderful 2007 for you and your family!

Were you able to decipher the article on bell ringing in Melbourne I sent you? It was not in a very user friendly format - sorry!

At 7:42 pm, Blogger Kerri said...

Your writing is so descriptive Val. What a wonderful moment that must've been. I'd love to hear those bells you ring in England.
Your house looks lovely in the post below....very festive....I love your tree and the table is beautiful. I don't think I've had crackers for Christmas since I've lived in the U.S. We always had them in Australia.
Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it's filled with good health and much happiness.


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