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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another prize!

Dear Val said the letter, written on cream paper from The Horticultural Correspondence College You have achieved a high standard, and in addition to completing your course at a Distinction standard, congratulations on winning a Senior Tutor’s Prize for the very good quality of your coursework.

I’ve been at it for two years now – that was my planned time to finish the Japanese Garden Design course. I couldn’t find anywhere to study, by any method, part or full time, so distance learning it was.

It was a challenge, reading all those lovely books on the subject that I couldn’t resist buying, and re-discovering how to write essays again. Only short ones, but great fun.

And going to Kyoto to see it all first hand with Worldspirit was wonderful So wonderful I have been twice – once in the autumn and the stunning colour, and once to understand the Japanese fascination with cherry blossom. I used the photos I took there to illustrate my essays. The visits were not arranged by the college, that was totally independent from the course. But they were just the best experiences – being in a Japanese temple garden in Japan just doesn’t compare with anything else.

I thought that the head honcho of the college was evaluating my tutor or moderating his marking when he asked for a sample of my work. I didn’t realize there were prizes! And what’s more the letter went on Our major prize winners are to be selected in the mid-summer of 2006 from amongst those who have achieved a prize at this stage. Fancy that, and I was pleased with a Distinction.

Next I got my prize through the post, a book “The Garden Book” published by Phaidon, compact enough to get through our letter box.

I decided that there was one topic that hadn’t been covered in any depth in the subjects I was asked to research, so I think I may just carry on and do a bit more – just because I want to know more.

And where to put some of my notes, photos and research – use the link on the right to The Dewy Path, that will be their destination eventually. But right now it’s only got one post there, which you will be familiar with. But its aspirational – like a blank canvas to an artist!


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Why not write a book?


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