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Friday, September 23, 2005

The real path!

I was in Kyoto for the first time, in Japan for the first time. A wonderful but stange place. In my elegant hotel room there was an abstact painting. I admired its lines, its gold and black depths.

I was there on a study tour of Japanese gardens and Kyoto has the best examples. So many temples, and so old. What a heritage. I was in a happy whirl of experiences, and felt totally at home in the gardens.

It had been pre- arranged for us to visit the Imperial Villa of Katsura, much easier for tourists than the locals. But even that took a personal visit to the Imperial Office with details of our dates of birth and even our occupations! We were accompanied by an Imperial Household guide who gave a commentary, only in Japanese, and also a guide who brought up the rear to ensure we didn't stray off the path, fall in the lake or take photos where we were not permitted.

What a perfect garden! Huge, but not a leaf out of place - and this was autumn. Even the fallen leaves looked as if each one had been separately placed.

Almost back at the entrance, we walked past a thatched gate that led into a courtyard of yet another small villa. And there was the abstract painting! So it wasn't just an image from the artist's imagination, but a real object. Of all objects that could have been in the painting in my room, it was a path from a Japanese garden. Of all the gardens in Kyoto, it was one I went to. I thought it was quite remarkable.

I found out later that the path is called The Stepping Stones of Truth.


At 12:12 am, Blogger David Barltrop said...

Hello Val, I like your blog and your first post is very interesting. Life does seem to throw up these profound coincidences from time to time doesn't it?

Does this mean you don't want a blog at ArkSanctum?

Enjoy your Ionic Odyssey! :o)

At 11:01 am, Blogger Val said...

Thanks for dropping by. Oh my first comment!

No, it doesnt mean I dont want a blog at Arksanctum, I hope you weren't offended. In fact, the opposite.

I just thought I would have a look at the practicalities of blog writing, and how things would look onscreen. A sort of dry run. Thats why I chose the "dont list this blog" option, and am only telling you and David about it.

Maybe its like an author or a painter having an idea in mind/head and then putting it on paper. It may look different, or take on a life of its own. I havent the experience of being creative like you two - really creating images or proper text. So this is just a practice piece!

At 12:01 am, Blogger Val said...

Hi, Val,
I've just received your comment on my blog, and all the things we have in common, besides our name. That is the great thing about this blogging caper, bringing people together.

Lucky you, going to Kyoto to see Japanese gardens first hand. I am astounded by your comment about "not a leaf out of place - and this was in autumn". How do they do it?? My husband and I visited a Japanese garden in Cowra, New South Wales, which successfully incorporated Australian gum trees (very messy habits!) into the garden, and it too was immaculately kept. It puts my efforts to shame.

Val, I will bookmark your blog and visit from time to time. You are most welcome for return visits!



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